Important Note

Robot will not work for EU Countries since it trades binary options only. We are working to develop another version that trades Forex and FT Option.

Frequently Asked Question

When asking "is it working" you have to be precise. Do you mean working technically or is it making money?

This software is working technically 100% and you do not need any trial as shown in our videos.

Is It Making Money?
Whether you trade manually or using a robot there is always a chance of loss, there is no robot in the market that guarantees winning all the time. With our robot you can trade safely and without your interference to remove the human emotion factor and thus increase the chance of your trading.
You cannot test the robot 1 or 2 days and come to conclusion that is not making you profit, you can run it 1 hour everyday within 10 days at least and after that you will have conclusion. Though it was developed in a complex way to assure you 89% win rate and you can tell whether it is profitable or not after at least 10-15 days. There is no way that there will be no loss at all.
- We can extend the duration of your key which is up to 1 month as a refund to your payment.
- If the robot does not work for you because you have low RAM or Graphic Card configuration, we will extend the duration of your key and you need to check with your technician to change or upgrade your Graphic Card or RAM.
- Your payment will be considered a contribution to our project to ensure 24/7 support as well as software updates and patches
- You cannot claim your refund after you purchased the key because it is considered as violation of our rules. We have provided a full guide on how to setup the robot properly in your machine.
- Do not proceed for payment just to bypass the payment barrier then trying the robot 10 minutes and jump to conclusion that is not profitable, in this case we will not refund.
Please note that the software has multi-process to fetch balance from and do multithreading on automatic clicks, selecting option amount. All those things are running in the background to make sure that the application window will not freeze and disconnect with iqoption platform. So you may disable or mark the robot along with its processes as trusted sources.
The robot trades all available currencies and OTC as well
You have to use the robot not more than 2 hours maximum a day because of the market disturbance sometimes, please do not exceed this time to guarantee your return of investment.
As per our records and feedback from our users, the best time to use the robot is in the morning in Singapore time because of the daily morning news and economic changes, which impact explicitly the trend and the market and therefore you can make profits using the robot. Check time here Singapore time now